HTC One M9 Displaying Colossal Rear Sensor

As per the announcement at MWC 2015, the HTC One m9 has been considered as the Taiwanese firm’s flagship smartphone for the year 2015. The competition in the smartphone market is tough now and according to the features and price range the HTC M9 will meet all your requirements. But what attracts more, is its special features in the highly improved camera which is offering a massive rear sensor. Let’s have a lot for what the HTC M9 has been gaining so popularity.

Unlike earlier cameras, the HTC One M9 doesn’t consist of Duo Camera setup with two camera lenses. Now the new model has the 20 megapixels rear camera with dual LED flash. It means that HTC Company is giving special focus on the elements of camera. The people who have special fascination for their mobile cameras the HTC M9 is the perfect match for them. Normally people want to go with stylish and easy to handle camera app with different modes. In the HTC M9 there are camera, panorama and selfie options and even if you like, you can add bokeh and split captures with these features. With the facility of 20 MP, there are a wide range of details and it is perfectly suitable for the auto focusing and quick shooting. The HTC One M9 can crop the image to 16:9 by default so it is better to head into settings to get the full available pixels.

One can shoot photos with this HTC One M9 in the regular mode but he can swiftly switch to the other modes such as night, macro and HDR. If one wants to experience some adventure, he can go the manual and start hoaxing with white balance, shutter speed, ISO or even focus. In the front camera, HTC has not totally exclude the ultrapixel feature that allows to in more light. The rear camera of M9 is good enough to take selfie with the crisp and wide image. The massive rear sensor works well even in low light.

For capturing the video, it can be recorded up to 4k resolution by using the ‘dynamic exposure algorithm’ for mimicking the human eye. The default video capture is full HD. With the HTC M9 camera’s hardware portion there is new addition software called One Gallery which will enable you to bring together all the photos from the likes of Facebook, Flickr, Dropbox and Google Drive into one place.

The HTC One M9 is the first phone with the snapdragon 810 processor and the feedback of this feature is really impressive. It has the best Geekbench 3 score you will find that is compatible with iPhone 6’s graphics.

The newly launched HTC One M9 has hit the market now that is really a desirable smartphone that is one of the most awaiting smartphones which can compete with the iPhone. About all the essential features of this amazing phone you will get in detains in the website which is the ultimate mobile shopping destination for smartphones.

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