Pre-Order for Samsung S6 and S6 Edge Begins

For the lovers of the smart phones, there is excellent news as the mobile carriers and telecom companies have been distributing new phone from the flagship of Samsung.  Prices and details about the Samsung S6 and S6 Edge have been announced in the United Kingdom.

Sensation has been created among the people with the launch of Samsung S6 and S6 edge in the Mobile World Congress. Three mobile carriers from the country have started to taken pre-order before the launch of the device on 10th April. Both the device has been made available from EE, Tesco Mobile and O2. Tariff included in the device has been explained beforehand for the benefit of the buyers as well.

Pre-order has been organized by the manufacturers as well from the last week. However, all the models of the flagship device are not presented yet. Samsung Galaxy S6 can be purchased with 32GB of from the market at the price of £ 599.99. It has been promised by the carriers that the device will be delivered on the release date without any problem.  Entry level device with 64 GB of Samsung S6 Edge has been offered to the customers as well. SIM has been given at free of cost. Cost of the phone has been marked at £ 760. Models of the Samsung S6 Edge have been traded already with the guaranteed delivery date of 24th April.


From EE, Samsung Galaxy S6 can be purchased in white, black and gold. Both the version of 32 GB and 64 GB can be presented to the customer in the process. Due to recommended tariff, 32 GB version of the handset can be obtained at £ 49.99. Unlimited data can be accessed in the process. At the cheapest price Samsung Galaxy S5 can be acquired at £ 32 per month. In this way, additional 500 minutes can be achieved with the phone. However, upfront price of the phone is about £ 200.


White, black and gold option can be seen with the mobile carriers of O2. Both the storage of 32 GB and 64 GB has been presented with the telecom companies. However, 128 GB variant is yet to release in the market. It can be acquired at the price of £ 99 along with the tariff of £38 every month. It is available with the unlimited minutes and data of 2 GB. The Samsung Galaxy S6 can be bought with £49 along with the tariff of £ 48 and £ 43 respectively. It can be managed easily with the data of 20 GB and 5GB. Increase in the tariff is noticed in case of 64 GB model. Fitbit Charger is also offered with the pre-order of Samsung Galaxy S6.



Tesco Mobile

One of the cheapest can be acquired with the Tesco Mobile. Order has been taken by the carriers from 7th April. 32 GB version of the phone is available with the tariff of £ 36 every month. Similar kind of tariff can be observed with the Samsung S6 Edge as well.

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