Mobile World Conference 2015 Highlights

It’s the time of year for the Mobile World Conference (MWC), the world’s second largest mobile devices trade show (after the Consumer Electronics show held each January). Held in Barcelona, the MWC tradeshow offers us a glimpse into the near future and allows us to take stock of the phones that will be on the market over the course of the next year.

Despite a noticeable absence from Apple (who prefer to stage their own media frenzies when debuting new product), all of the major smartphone and gadget manufacturers were there, including products from Samsung, Microsoft, LG, Alcatel, Lenovo and Xioami. The array of new products has been astounding, and has included dozens of jawdropping handsets, tablets, smartwatches and more (fancy an action camera with a kitty harness? Xioami has you covered).

The biggest name devices to debut at the MWC were the Samsung S6 and Samsung S6 Edge, both offering a new, sleeker metal frame and larger screen area than the previous iterations. The most interesting feature has to be the secure fingerprint technology, which allows users to make payments online with infinite more security than ever before. The difference between the two? The Edge boasts a curved display that presents the highest quality images ever available in a mobile device. We here at have been hyped about this new handset for quite some time!

Anyone who swims, hikes or is active in sports in general will appreciate the new Sony Xperia M4 Aqua. Sony hasn’t yet released their much-anticipated Xperia Z4, but this new waterproof, rugged model is perfect for those who spend a lot of time outdoors in nature.

Aimed at young professionals, the Blackberry Leap was introduced, an Android phone that has access to a huge array of apps on the Amazon site. Microsoft is also staying in the game with their release of the Lumia 640 (formerly a Nokia phone until Microsoft purchased that firm last year). The Lumia 640 will run on Windows 10 by the end of this year.

New ultraslim models debuted from French firm Alcatel, whose OneTouch Idol 3 will orient itself to the way that the user is holding it, and from Acer, better known for laptops. Are they making a run to become a big player in the lower-end, affordable smartphone game with their Acer Liquid Jade Z? Also in on the cheaper end is LG, who launched four midrange phones, including the 8 GB Magna.

LG’s high-end offerings were not on display, but a spokesperson was on hand to speculate about the future of the G series, which is being reported to include a metal case, glass screen and in house designed processor.

Will LG’s new phone compete with the new Samsung or the MWC debuted HTC One M9? The M9 is also making waves as a strong competitor to the Samsung S6, as it features a similar two-toned aluminum casing and the latest Android software. Why would someone choose the HTC M9? A love of their own image! The M9 includes the finest front facing camera in the game, so selfies will look even better than ever (did they ever look good?).

Undoubtedly the strangest product to make its debut at MWC was the Runcible Smartphone. Touting itself as an ‘anti-smartphone’ and taking design influence from the pocket watch, the smooth wooden circle looks more like the result of a stylish wood turner than a piece of technology, but allows you to take calls, browse the web and send email. Is this hipster fashion gone mad, or a look into the future of handsets?

What do you think about the latest handsets and gadgets debuted at MWC? Leave a comment below.

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