Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Vs HTC One M9

In the beginning of the year 2015, both the brand Samsung and HTC has been announcing their flagship device with the Samsung S6 Edge and HTC One M9. They have been trying to come back in the market with these devices. In this way, domination of iPhone can be restricted to a certain extent.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has already managed to impress the people with its features. It comes with the metal unibody that has been infused with the metal and glass chassis. Dimension has been added to the display of the device in the process. Complaint of the customer has been addressed with the device. Cutting edge development can be seen with the hardware of the device as well.

On the other hand, HTC One M9 does not stand a chance in terms of the cover. However, they have been leading in the market on the basis of their craftsmanship. Samsung Galaxy has been catching up with the HTC One M9 gradually.


Through the design, Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has come a long way. It has been liked by most of the people. However, there is a gap with the HTC One M9. Refined features can be seen with the launch of every new device from Samsung Galaxy S series. Revolution can be seen with the design of this smart phone as well. Instead of plastic chassis, metal frames can be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6. Curvy display comes with the technology of Corning glass. Additional nano layers can be observed within the device as well. Unique and attractive display has been created in this manner.

In spite of the efforts from the creators of the Samsung Galaxy S6, it has not managed to surpass stylish and sleek design of HTC One M9. However, there is no innovation in this device HTC One M9.


While HTC One M9 looks fancier than Samsung, incredible improvement can be seen in S6 Edge due to presence of TouchWiz layout in addition to smooth functionality.

In case of hardware, Samsung has always produced the best in the market. However, customers are still looking more from the device. Swift functionality can be achieved with the layout of TouchWiz. Various extra features can be seen in the device. It has managed to win the heart of the customer quite naturally. Software optimization has been seen in the device in order to make the device more users friendly. Faster understanding of the device can be achieved in the process.

Android lollipop has been introduced in the Samsung S6 Edge with smooth application. In this way, weight of the interface can be cut down to a significant rate as well. HTC One M9 is also fast with the help of the sense 7.0 user interface. It is considered as more appealing device to the user. However, it is not possible to have a rivalry with the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge on the issues of additional features. Preference can be made on the basis of these features quite naturally.

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