Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Drop Test Demonstration

Finally you are going to experience the most awaited gorgeous, powerful smartphones- Samsung Galaxy S6 and the S6 Edge. These two samrtphones will definitely hit the market with their impressive specs and brand new attractive designs. Both the phones are launching on the same date 10th April, 2015. Before set your mind to buy the Samsung’s new innovation, you need to know how strong are these two products or if they durable enough. To know these things, you should know the drop test of the phone.

Nowadays, most of the cell phone users sue cell phone cases to give extra protection to their phones from scratches, accidents and especially dropping down by chance. These cell phone cases are not for fancy. The drop test is actually an engineering science project which will test the strength of a calculator and detect its vulnerable areas. Then by using those test results the durability of that calculator will be increased according to its performance in the drop test. But what if you use your cell phone in pace of the calculator!!! Obviously the mobile phones don’t have that strength as the calculators have. Moreover, it is a dreadful feeling when you think of dropping your favorite phone and then break screen. Here is the drop test performance of your long cherished Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

More than 3 billion screens used in several devices are being protected by Corning GLW -1.9% Gorilla Glass and now it is being used in the fourth generation. The use of Corning Gorilla Glass 4 has increased the performance for the drop test and it provides a much higher resistance for scratch compared to the earlier versions. The latest versions of the Samsung’s flagship devices- the Galaxy S6 and the Galaxy S6 Edge have used a metal frame and the Corning Gorilla Glass 4 is wrapped in their front and back side which will give protection to these devices from some high drops.


In the drop test demonstration of the Samsung galaxy S6 Edge to check the strength of the phone, it has been seen through some videos that the cell phone is being slammed against the ground a couple of times. Surprisingly, after the banging, the S6 Edge appears to remain in the perfect condition. Based on the result of the drop test of the phone, it seems that the users of S6 Edge don’t need to buy any extra case for the phone as the phone’s screen is strong enough to give protection properly.


To avoid the previous weak sales for the Galaxy S5, Samsung has taken some radical new directions for the newest flagship devices S6 Edge. The Galaxy S5 sold nearly 12 million units for the first three months of its sales. This result is approximately 4 million units lesser than the earlier Galaxy series model. Now the next model of the Galaxy series S6 will be launching on April 10. According to the announcement of Samsung in the Mobile World Congress in Spain, the Galaxy S6 Edge has the dual edge display which is first in the world. This edge display will allow you to view time, date, weather, call history. So what are you thinking about? It’s the high time to place a order in to grab the new Galaxy S6 Edge without hesitation as it has passed through the drop test.

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