Experience the edge effect with Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

When Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was unveiled last year, it was greatly admired by people for its innovative design. It features a curvy display on right side of the handset. Whenever, a new mobile phone will feature some innovative designs in the handset, people will love to buy it for the uniqueness. But innovation in display can’t be the only criteria for buying mobile phone. There has to be extra features in the mobiles which will be truly useful. After the launch of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, it has been highly accepted not for its “innovation for innovation’s sake” effect but for the upgraded features of Galaxy S6. Before buying it, you have to judge why you will spend extra £100+ – only for the beauty’s sake or for extra upgraded features.


Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is all about its stunning looks and edge effects. You will not find such an attractive screen in any other mobile phones. In the first look, the phone will definitely mesmerized you. The S6 Edge is made of all glass and metal body- you will find Gorilla Glass 4 curved on its front and flat glass on its back. The moment you will see the phone, you just want to grab it and stroke its screen gently.

The curvy look of the phone is not only for the sake of enhancing its beauty, but also to add functionality. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has the features to display the texts and calls, date and time, weather reports, and flash alert for emails on its curved edges. 5 key contacts along with specific color codes can be set to its edge screen. The specific color will light up when the person assigned with that color will call up. Moreover, it is really useful that the contacts can be accessed by simply dragging from the curved edge to the centre of the phone’s screen. There is the option for choosing between left and right side of edge screen for displaying information.


In the present scenario of the mobile market, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has the best screen with 1440 x 2560 pixel resolution with effervescent colors and perfect contrast because of the Samsung AMOLED tech. The E6 Edge is not so slim like the S6 but its only 7mm thick though it looks slimmer and lighter than the S6. The S6 Edge is available in White, Black and Gold.

Not only from the stylish look, but from its internal features are also attractive. It supports Android Lollipop along with TouchWiz user interface. The camera is pretty good with 16 megapixel HDR with the option of image stabilization. It has 64-bit Quad-core 1.5 GHz Cortex-A53 and quad-core 2.1 GHz Cortex-A57. Its memory is 64GB or 128GB with 3GB RAM. The S6 Edge has fingerprint sensor and heart rate sensor.

To conclude, it can be simply said that the S6 Edge has all the wow effects with stunningly new looks, immensely superior technology with faster processor, better camera, more memory and better screen. So if you have already decided to grab the S6 Edge, simply order in the website www.buynewmobile.co.uk.

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