iPhone 6 launch-A Quick Look at the Eighth Generation of the iPhone

At a special event held in Cupertino, iPhone’s eighth generation was announced. With the Smartphone market already getting out of hand courtesy of Sony Xperia Z3, LG G3, Galaxy S5 and HTC One M8 among others, you would expect the iPhone to pull out something really special to remain as relevant as possible.

In a nutshell

The iPhone 6 is the foremost iPhone revision on the entire design with a 19th September release date. Sim-free, the device will cost around AU$869 in Australia, £539 in the UK and $649 in the US. iPhone 6 Plus is a little larger than iPhone 6, which is also a bit larger than 5S.

iPhone 6 Cost

There are two sets of iPhone 6 buyers. Those buying a Sim-free device will have to cough up more money with the iPhone 6 16GB going for AU$869, £539 and $649 while the 64GB model will be sold at AU$999, £619 and $749. Those interested in the 128GB iPhone 6 model should have AU$1129, £699 and $849 at the ready.

On the other hand, in the United States, a two-year contract gets you the 16GB iPhone 6 from $199, 64GB for $299 as the 128GB version goes for $399. Pre-orders for the iPhone will begin on 12th September.

Design Hallmarks

One major highlights of the iPhone 6 is the square off type of design, which entered the market with iPhone 4 and has been revised by Apple. The overhauled design is replaced by a slimmer yet rounded body in the eighth generation of the iPhone.

At about 6.9mm, the iPhone is arguably one of the thinnest you will ever come across in the market with rumours of a rear yet protruding camera lens being confirmed as true.  At 129g the iPhone 6 is a little heavier than some iPhones, such as the 5S. It has a 138.1mm by 67mm body.

The lock/power key is no longer at the top, but on the right hand side of the handset. If you love using your phone with one hand, then you will love iPhone 6. Along the left hand side of the gadget are volume keys, separated, with mute-toggle switch above the volume keys.


iPhone 6’s display at 4.7 inches of an LED back-lit display heralds the Retina HD for Apple, especially due to a 1334 by 750 resolution. Essentially, a 326ppi pixel density is assured, equal to that of 5S. As the screen is a little larger than that of iPhone 5S, it is believed it will do well among Asian consumers of the iPhone who had reluctantly ignored the Apple phones due to their small screen sizes in contrast with others in the market.

Powering the iPhone 6

With a RAM of 1GB, iPhone 6 comes with A8, second generation 64-bit processor and an M8 next generation motion coprocessor as well.

Operating system

The obvious guess is that iPhone 6 is running on iOS 8 after its announcement during the WWDC Developers conference earlier in 2014. iOS 8 is already in both the iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6.

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