Apps for Apple Watch

During the announcement of the Apple Watch, Apple describes it as an “incredible accurate timepiece” that can be used as an “intimate and immediate communication device” which will give you the revolutionary health and fitness companion. This watch is extremely customizable and starts a new horizon to receive information at a glance designed mainly for the wrist. The Apple Watch will enable to interact with the world through third party app experience.

Procedure for Downloading Apps for Apple Watch:

According to the company’s source, there will not be any app store on this watch. To get the apps, you need to download them from particular section of the App Store on the iPhone and then sync them with the Apple Watch.

Apps Available for the Apple Watch:

  • Apple watch has the facility of message extension that will enable you to read any text by just raising the wrist after receiving the alert. The app has the facility to respond.
  • For any incoming calls, there will be vibration on the wrist and then you will be able to receive or reject the calls from the watch only.
  • The watch will alert you after getting an email and the mail can be read, flag or deleted from the watch.
  • Calendar will be displayed on the watch from where you will be informed about any events and you can accept or decline any invitation.
  • There is an app called Apple’s Activity app which will keep the record of your exercise, movements, how long you are sitting at a place and when you need to stand up. It will present you the graphical representation of your statistics.
  • The Workout app will help you to monitor your exercise along with the workout session, time, speed, distance and burned calories.
  • The watch can display a miniature map in the Map app which will show your location and there will be custom vibration for navigating the destination without having looked on the watch.
  • The Music app will allow you to store your desired tracks up to 2 GB.
  • The watch will give the facility of remote control the iPhone camera and the Apple TV.
  • The hourly and weekly forecasts of the weather will be reported through Weather app.
  • The Stock app will provide the updates and performance of your stocks.
  • For some selected photos the Photos app can give 75 MB storage.
  • You will definitely get the options for Alarm, Timer, and Stop Watch on the Apple Watch. World Clock is also available on the watch.

Third-Party Apps Available for Apple Watch:

  • Through the Instagram app, you can browse the Instagram feed and liked photos and leave comments.
  • You can respond and correspond with the other users in Twitter through Twitter app.
  • The Darkroom app used as a photo editing purpose allows you to adjust RGB colour curves.
  • There is facility for bidding for Ebay app.
  • You can dictate and view notes as well as set reminder by Evernote.
  • The Apple watch supports Shazam which will inform you what song is playing.

Not only these, there are numerous apps such as Salesforce, Dark Sky, Sky Guide, Lifesum, OpenTable and many more.




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