Latest Mobile Phone Releases and Leaks

With the changing trends and preferences, a shift has been noticed in the consumer behaviour, with respect to the use of internet. People now prefer to access internet through their mobile phones and smartphones, rather than through desktops or other devices. The added features and apps in mobile phones, and the convenience of portability and easy access have made them one of the most sought after devices, and mobile phone industry one of the most rapidly evolving one.

With the increasing demand, mobile phones are undergoing frequent changes to add to the users’ convenience and offer new, tempting features for the consumers. With the advancement in technology, now we get to hear about the futuristic developments in mobile phones, almost every other day.

Below is a description about some of the expected mobile phone releases and the features that the concerned devices have to offer.

BlackBerry Passport Phablet

With rumours doing the round about the end of the BlackBerry and T-Mobile tussle, the latest BlackBerry Passport phablet is expected to make it to the markets soon- most probably this month. Judging from a recently leaked picture of the phablet, it is to be promoted for the corporate sector as a business device, with the dual functionality of a physical keypad, as well as, a trackpad.

The BlackBerry Passport phablet has a 4.5 inch IPS LCD square display, featuring rear and front facing cameras and nano-SIM support.

Oppo N3 Smartphone

The latest offering by Oppo is anticipated to release by next month, exciting the consumers with the news of featuring a unique rolling camera. The recent leaks of the Oppo N3 smartphone reveals a slim design with a relatively heavier top edge, which hold the 180 degree rolling camera, supported by dual LED and flash technology.

The innovative addition of a rolling camera is supposed to enhance the quality of the much in-trend selfies.

Google Android L 5

The much talked about Android L 5 is available for developer preview, but the official release is not expected anywhere before the end of this year.

Android took the centre stage at this year’s Google I/O conference, with Google providing a teaser about what is to be expected from the latest Android L 5. It is supposed to feature a unique and enhanced design and interface, setting the precedence for compatibility with 64-bit processors. It is also expected to show support for enhanced quality of animations and longer battery life.

Nexus 6

It has been finally confirmed that Nexus 6 is definitely on the horizon and is suggested to be released by the end of this year. Moreover, it has been implied that the latest version of Nexus is designed to completely overtake the previous versions, setting Nexus 5 out of rotation.

However, ambiguity surrounds any prediction concerning the functionality and design of Nexus 6, since no teasers have been released yet.

Samsung Galaxy Note 4

The enhanced and improved Samsung Galaxy Note 4 has been announced to be released by 13th October 2014. This latest phablet by Samsung has been incorporated with better quality cameras, a curved screen with a Quad-HD display, added microphones and an S-Pen with improved pressure sensitivity.

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