Motorola Google Nexus 6

Google has now announced the next mobile phone Nexus 6.
The phone is believed to be a vast Smartphone.
It runs on the android 5.0 with the 5.9inch screen and at a thickness of 10mm it seems to be a big phone.
The QHD display screen suits well for watching UTube, and editing pictures.


The nexus 6 comes with the most up-to-date, newest version of android ‘Lollipop’.

Lollipop offers a new way on how you receive your messages and enables you to only be disturbed if your available.

Lollipop offers 4x better performance and illustration rich applications.


The nexus 6 is in a more expensive price range from the models before but with a bigger screen, more fashionable design and better performance its understandable why.
The battery comes with better technology too. It has larger capacity and has a very quick charging feature that can get you about five to six hours of life on a small twenty minute charge.


People are a little worried about the camera quality with 13 mp on the nexus 6 its concerning that the camera on the previous nexus models were not as good as they could have been.
Plenty of storage with 32 GB and 64 GB internal capacity but be aware you cannot add your micro sd card, so if you need more storage space it’s off to the cloud you go.
Apple has the 64-bit processor so obviously the competition is going to follow.

The quick settings slider has been improved and easy to access now.
The slider for brightness has also been improved by the phone actually responding correctly to light at any of the brightness levels.

Development of the lollipop gives the nexus 6 the capability of saying ok Google when your phone is in standby mode, it will then wake up and let you use voice to send texts and much more.
However it does require the compatible hardware.
You can share your phone safely and securely with the new feature a user mode “Guest”.
You can create a number of different accounts to let friends use your device and login but they won’t be able to see or use any of your personal stuff.
Android smart lock is used to make sure your phone is secure by pairing it with one of your reliable devices like your car.
The downfall of the nexus 6 is not having a removable battery which doesn’t seem good for a lot of users as well as not having the slot for extra storage.

The phone comes in two different colours cloud white and also midnight blue.

The price tag for this device is debatable on two sides some saying it’s worth every penny others saying it’s too much of a jump from nexus 5, it’s up to what you want and are happy to pay.
Being in the market for this type of phone one that has become an all in one give it a shot but remember it does have the pros and cons like any other device.

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