Choose the Right Apple Watch for You

Finally the launching time for the Apple Watch has arrived in the April, 2015. Choosing an Apple Watch is a little bit complicated with its several models, different colors and several band options. The prices of the Apple Watch vary into a wide range. So to buy an Apple Watch you need to follow some guidelines.

Various Models:-

At first you need to choose the right watch model among three available models.

Apple Watch Sport:

This model is especially for the athletes and continuous users made up with the combination of strength and light weight. This is the cheapest option. It is made of 7000 series aluminum alloy that is 60% stronger than normal alloy. There will be Ion-X glass to protect these sport models from scratch and other impacts.

Apple Watch:

These models are available in stainless silver case with polished silver form or in the space black. It is stronger than sports model. The company will use sapphire crystal to protect the watch display. 316L stainless steel will be used to give a good corrosion resistance.

Apple Watch Edition:

This watch is for the serious Apple Watch aficionados who are willing to spend thousands of dollars for the watch as the status symbol. The watch case will be made of 18 karat gold and it will be available in yellow and rose gold. Here also sapphire crystal will be used to cover its display. This model will be available in limited edition in the limited luxury stores.

Different Bands:-

To choose the right band for the Apple Watch might be the most important decision for you. The company will provide a set of band option with each model.


Apple Watch Sport:

A fluoroelastomer band is offered with this model. There are five different colors such as blue, black, pink, green and white. Moreover, Apple will provide two bands in separate sizes such as small/medium and medium/large.

Apple Watch:

For this model there are six bands as Classic Buckle, Link Bracelet, Milanese Loop, Leather Loop, Modern Buckle and a sporty band. The prices vary with the specific band type.

Apple Watch Edition:

The 38mm and 42mm models of Apple Watch Edition are available in black or white sports band. The 38 mm models suit with either Bright Red leather Modern Buckle band or Rose Gray. The 42mm models suit with either black leather Classic Buckle band or Midnight Blue.


Different Sizes:-

Apple is providing two different sizes as 38 mm and 42 mm for each watch. The measurement of the size has been done vertically, not horizontally. These two sizes have different screen resolutions with Retina display. Whatever the size you will choose, it depends on your personal preference but you should keep in your mind that Leather Loop Apple Watch is available in 42mm and Modern Buckle Apple Watch comes in 38mm. the size of the watch depends on the size of your wrist.



The Apple Watch price in the UK will start at £299. Now depending on the models and other criteria the watch price will go higher. With the actual price there will be 20% VAT along with a little more ‘Apple Tax’.


So now it’s the high time to place an order for the Apple Watch as the order starts from 10th April when the sipping will start from 24th April, 2015.

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