Features of Samsung Galaxy S6

According to demand of the mobile enthusiasts in the market, Samsung Galaxy S6 has reborn once again. They have eliminated the plastic design to make a way for a new interface. It is possible to locate beautiful and huge paves of electronics. Exhibition area of the device has been marked with the glass. In addition, there is a package of aluminum alloy. To provide extra features to the design of Samsung S6, variant with double curve has been made available. Samsung S6 is a flagship device from the manufacture. It has been scheduled to release on 10th April.

Core structure of Samsung Galaxy S5 has been left behind to improve range of customers in the market. Decision of leaving Micro SD card for a sealed battery can come as a surprise to most of the customer. It has given a jolt in the periphery of the mobile experts as well.  In order to make the design of the mobile slim and sleek, these decisions have been made by the manufacturers.  It has been considered as a strategy of the smart phone makers in the industry. However, Previously, Samsung has been a blind carrier of the storage option and detachable battery. Power aspect of the device has gone through an alteration due to this reason. With a single charge, power of the Samsung S6 can be diminished quickly in comparison to Samsung S5.

It is believed by the experts that Samsung has been pushed to accept metal chassis and android lollipop version. In this way, they have managed to give answers to the problems of the customers. Class of a mobile device cannot be shown with the plastic body. Therefore, Samsung has been gearing towards a metal chassis. Samsung will certainly live up to the competition with both the high end manufacturer like iPhone and low end mobile makers like Huawei, Xiaomi and Lenovo.

Through Samsung S6, the brand can get back their fans in the market. HTC One M9 has managed to incorporate additional features like camera and battery life in the device along all metal body. However, Samsung S6 is quite superior to HTC One M9.

On the front of the price, Samsung has taken a lead in front of iPhone due to presence of strong and domestic Exynos processor. It has provided a stiff competition to the Qualcomm processor with Snapdragon 810. Unique features have been implemented in the Samsung S6 with the support of wireless charging and compatibility with an accessory of virtual reality called Gear VR.

Development and future of the brand Samsung depends largely on the S6 without any doubt. It can help the brand to capture the market once again. Samsung has managed to improve their quality of camera. In addition, they have offering new features that cannot be found in other android devices. Only drawback of the device is removable of the Micro SD card and battery. Till now, Samsung has given tough competition to iPhone. It will certainly remain to do so in the coming days as well.

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