Buying Guide for Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge

In the Mobile World Congress 2015, Samsung Galaxy S6 has been launched from Samsung Electronics Co Ltd. It has been praised a lot from the mobile experts. Commence of the device has been expected by the mobile enthusiasts for a long time. Except few disappointments, it has been admired. As the date of launch is approaching, a rage can be seen among the mobile enthusiast. Date of release has been estimated at 10th April 2015.

Most of the customer is torn among the two choices in the market. In this guide, we can try to make your decision process easier. Difference between Samsung S6 and S6 Edge can be made in terms of hardware. Both the handsets come with the screen of 5.1 inches. Rounder edge can be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It has been carved from the edges. In this way, attractive look of the device has been maintained. Functionality of the device has been increased in this way. It is one of the points of difference. Otherwise, both the device can be quite same. Price of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has been increased due to curved nature of screen.

Most of the people are attracted towards Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge as a result of its beautiful design. If you are waiting for both the device then you must know that pre-order has started already.  In the United Kingdom, it has been made available with the O2, Tesco Mobile, EE and Vodafone. The device can be delivered to desired location on the release date.

Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 have been coming with the hues like Pearl, Sapphire and Platinum. It can be achieved with variation of 32 GB and 64GB. There is a 128 GB version as well. However, it is not launched in the market yet. Prominent carriers and retailer in the market have been carrying it in the market for the optimum benefit of the user.  Therefore, it can be purchased from a store like”buy new mobile” as well. Tariff has been offered by the retailer to make the device cheaper. In this way, the handset can be brought easily from the market. Countdown for the arrival of the new flagship device from Samsung has already started.

From the core of the device, it is quite similar to other handsets from the flagship. However, it comes with the pre installed android lollipop 5.0. Prominence of an additional operating system can be seen in the Samsung Galaxy S6 as well. There is a user interface with the technology of TouchWiz for optimum help of the user. Due to this feature, lesser problems can be seen with the device. Presence of the pop-up menu cannot be noticed in the process. Apps are featured in the flatter form. It has appeared with two dimensions. Superior functionality can be enjoyed with the user interface.

Both the Samsung S6 and S6 edge can be considered as an excellent investment. Therefore, it must be bought from a reliable and trusted supplier.

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